[one_half]Wrought iron railheads are made in many different designs and sizes, including modern or classic shapes. There are pointed tops in square or round some with small safety spheres on top and some with larger spheres on top all in various sizes. They have different base sizes in square or round for different size vertical bars. Some railheads are more economical than others. [email_link email=”info@coefabrications.co.uk” variation=”yellow” target=”blank”]Email us to enquire[/email_link][/one_half][one_half_last]If the railhead has a spigot on the bottom they can be welded directly to the top of a rail this reduces costs of gates or railings as no hole has to be made in top rail. Some railheads have to be welded to vertical bar then fixed through hole in top rail and welded this process involves more work raises the cost of gates or railings. All wrought iron railheads are suitable for galvanising and powder coating apart from cast iron rail heads. [/one_half_last]



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