[one_half]Our Specialist Metal Products in Essex and London have the facilities have the necessary equipment to manufacture all manner of steelwork, including walkways, stair sets and balustrades etc. We can work from your designs, performing site surveys to make sure that our installations are precise and follow health and safety requirements. We also take care of any powder coating, painting or galvanising you need on our steel work. [/one_half]

[one_half_last] For over 40 years we have provided products for Specialist,commercial, domestic and industrial clients alike in the Essex and London areas, establishing strong business relationships with our suppliers, customers, and even local councils and schools, not to mention a vast number of local tradespeople, builders and independent contractors. [email_link email=”info@coefabrications.co.uk” variation=”yellow” target=”blank”]Email us to enquire[/email_link][/one_half_last]



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